CMBA-BC Welcomes New Leader

Marci Deane, CMBA-BC President

BURNABY, BC (June 6, 2023) – The Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – British Columbia (CMBA-BC) is pleased to announce Marci Deane as its newly elected President for 2023-2024.

Serving on the Board of Directors since 2019, Deane has demonstrated unwavering dedication and leadership skills within CMBA-BC. Having held various executive positions, including most recently serving as Vice President, Deane brings a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and a deep commitment to advancing the interests of mortgage brokers in British Columbia. Deane replaces outgoing President, Deb White.

Expressing enthusiasm for the new role, Deane remarks, “It is an absolute honour to serve as President of CMBA-BC. The mortgage broker industry plays a vital role in the financial landscape of British Columbia, and I am privileged to lead an association that represents the best interests of our members. Together, we will continue to drive excellence, promote collaboration, and advocate for the success of Mortgage Brokers across the province.”

Joining Deane on the Executive Committee are Rebecca Casey, as Vice President; Kyle Williams as Treasurer; and Jane Wakelyn, as Secretary. Other members of the Board include Deb White (Past President), Dustan Woodhouse, Jennifer Sternig, Sunny Sarai, Tricia McIntosh and Konstantin Seroshtan.

The CMBA-BC’s Chief Executive Officer, Carla Giles, serves as a non-voting member of the CMBA-BC Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee along with the rest of the Board of Directors are eager to spearhead initiatives that will empower CMBA-BC members and amplify their voices within the industry and to the public at large. In the coming months, the entire Board looks forward to connecting with CMBA-BC members, forging stronger relationships, building on the hard work of the last Board and sharing the incredible work that the association undertakes on its members’ behalf.


ABOUT CMBA-BC           

As the representative of British Columbia’s mortgage brokers, the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – British Columbia (CMBA-BC) plays a vital role in advocating for the province’s mortgage industry. Established in 1990, the Association is dedicated to promoting professionalism and ethical standards within the mortgage industry. CMBA-BC provides valuable educational and networking opportunities aimed at fostering professional growth and building strong relationships among industry professionals. By collaborating with industry partners and BC Financial Services Authority, the Association actively works towards upholding industry integrity and raising the visibility and market standing of mortgage brokers in the province.

For further information, please contact CMBA-BC at, 604-408-9989 or visit