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Your Acceptance

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 Acceptable Use

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Registration and Accounts

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Warranties and Liability

  1. CMBA-BC:
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  1. You agree to, in the event you are permitted to bring an action against us, not bring any action against any of our employees, directors, or officers.


  1. Without prejudice to or limitation of any other rights of CMBA-BC, if you breach this Agreement, CMBA-BC may:
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    5. bring legal action against you to recover any losses or damages caused.
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  1. Any term of the Agreement that is unenforceable is severable and the balance of the agreement is to remain in full force and effect.

 Law and Jurisdiction

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  2. The courts of British Columbia, Canada have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes or matters arising in relation to, from or under this Agreement.

 Contact information

  1. The contact information for CMBA-BC is:
    1. address: CMBA-BC, 101-1765 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6J 5C6
    2. telephone: 604-408-9989
    3. email address: admin@cmbabc.ca