Corporate Member – $599.00 per year
The Corporate Member shall be a corporation or a person who is a sole proprietor, registered to practice as a Mortgage Broker in accordance with the Mortgage Broker Act and is active in a Mortgage Broker business Company. Each Corporate Member through its Designated Individual shall be entitled to vote at any general meeting and serve as a Director of the Society. If the Corporate Member has more than one registered individual operating under its brokerage registration, each such registered individual should be encouraged to be a Member of the Society.

Individual Voting Member – $199.00 per year
The Individual Member shall be an active Sub-Mortgage Broker registered in accordance with the Mortgage Brokers Act including Designated Individual.

Individual Voting Associate Member – $199.00 per year
Members in this category shall be registered as a Mortgage Broker or Sub-Mortgage Broker in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia but are not an active Mortgage Broker. This Membership category is designed for a Member whose primary occupation is not as a Mortgage Broker.

Individual Non-Voting Associate Member – $199.00 per year
The individual in this category is not registered as a mortgage broker and does not carry on the business of mortgage brokering. This category does not have voting rights.

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