Title: Second Mortgage Strategies
Location: Delivered via Zoom Presentation
Start date: 20 July, 2022
Cost:$0.00 for members or $45.00 for non-members

Second mortgages are even more in demand, partly because of rapidly increasing rates, and are a great component of a broker’s toolkit. In using this component, certain steps need to be taken to protect the second lender’s position. These steps almost always entitle the first lender to call their mortgage due or make adjustments to improve their position. This can result in significant losses for the borrower who may then, amongst others, blame the broker.

Learn how to protect your clients. Learn how to protect yourself.


Tim Lack
Partner, Redpoint Law

Timothy J. Lack (B.A. Honors, LL.B.), called to the Bar in 1994, has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of real estate including secured lending, commercial and residential development, commercial leasing, and sales and acquisitions of residential and commercial real estate and businesses.

Tim has been the responsible lawyer on over 10,000 real estate transactions, acting for banks, credit unions and many other institutional and private lenders. His work with private lenders is extensive and he has provided numerous expert opinions on private lending issues for litigation lawyers. Tim has counselled clients from acquisition, through development, and to final sales on condo projects (including mixed use and hotel developments).

Tim has been a Chair of the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC’s annual Residential Real Estate Conference for many years. He has overseen the primary deliverable of the Conference –a course for lawyers covering real estate law developments.

Importantly, Tim is a frequent guest speaker for CMBA-BC. He is consistently a very willing and valuable asset for our education program.

Ray Basi
Director of Education & Policy, CMBA-BC, MBIBC

  • Former lawyer with over 15 years of experience
  • With CMBA-BC since 2014
  • The driving force behind many of our educational courses and programs
  • Writer of MBIBC registration renewal courses
  • Past director of information and privacy for multiple government ministries
  • Has extensive knowledge of regulatory mortgage brokering requirements

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