Title: Credit Uncovered - With Eric Poblete
Location: Delivered in an Interactive Zoom Environment
Start date: 08 September, 2022
Cost:$0.00 for members or $45.00 for non-members

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Understanding credit is an essential tool in a mortgage broker’s toolbox. A broker not only needs to have the tool available but needs to keep it sharp and updated. Let our expert help you. This webinar has something for every broker, no matter your level of experience.

  • Do you understand Equifax’s new credit format (introduced in July 2022)?
  • How are different credit scores determined and what do they mean?
  • How are possible credit errors identified and what can a broker do to assist a client to correct them, to in effect improve the client’s credit score?
  • What credit information is provided to lenders that is not provided to brokers?
  • What are the future trends in credit?

Learn the answers to these questions. Join us to be better equipped to assist your clients. Join us to learn from the experts.


Eric Poblete

Director-Solutions, Mortgages and Housing, Equifax Canada

Eric Poblete is a sales professional with over 30+ years experience working with all vertical markets. In the last 11 years Eric has worked with Equifax Canada with a focus on the mortgage, rental and housing industries. As the Equifax ambassador for the mortgage broker market, he has provided extensive support and education to all the varied stakeholders including brokers, lenders, underwriters, real estate agents, and insurers helping them to understand credit, compliance, financial trends and fraud directly and indirectly related to the mortgage market.

Teague Brinkworth
Chair of Education Committee, CMBA-BC

Teague Brinkworth is owner, broker, and sub-broker at Mortgage West. Alongside his team MW finances properties through BC, AB, and Ontario. Teague is a Director with CMBA and chairs both the HR and Education Committee. The most important roles Teague plays are husband to his amazing wife and Dad to his two teenage girls (and whatever that requires).

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