Mortgage Broker Fundamentals Part 2: Conducting Business in a Way that Meets Regulatory Requirements

Title: Mortgage Broker Fundamentals Part 2 - November
Location: Delivered in an Interactive Zoom Environment
Start date: 21 November, 2023
Cost:$299.00 for members or $299.00 for non-members

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About this course: 

The Mortgage Broker Fundamentals – Practical Applications Course is a class for new or aspiring brokers, and for persons who manage them. It provides practical knowledge and skills needed to function as a mortgage broker.

The course is split into two parts, the first part concerns practical matters a mortgage broker needs to know to operate in the field while the second addresses brokering practice requirements. The first part will make you a better and hopefully more successful broker. It will support what it takes for a broker to earn income. The second will protect you by better ensuring you are entitled to continue as a broker and to keep the income you earn. It will help keep you out of trouble with your clients, the regulator, and the courts.

The course is taught by a variety of senior brokers, experts, and others with considerable knowledge of the topics they address. It is better that a student learns from a variety of perspectives and hears a variety of knowledgeable voices.

Format: Interactive Online Class
Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00AM-1:00PM on November 21, 23, 28, & 30
Enrollment fees: $299 +GST

Part 2 includes:

  • a review of Mortgage Brokers Act and Regulations requirements including:
    • registration and renewal
    • conflict of interest disclosure (Form 10)
    • investor/lender disclosure (Form 9)
    • record keeping
    • mortgage administration agreements
  • a review of BPCPA cost of credit disclosure requirements
  • an examination of errors and omissions insurance
  • an examination of the IRIS portal (BCFSA)
  • a discussion of standard of conduct requirements
    • Mortgage Brokers Act
    • avoiding becoming a fiduciary
    • ethics
    • confidentiality and privacy
    • cybersecurity
  • a review of Land Title Office requirements (reading a title and mortgage priorities)
  • a discussion as to identifying and avoiding fraud
  • an examination of marketing requirements and restrictions
  • suggestions as to building a marketing plan
  • a brief look at current live issues concerning the regulator, civil law, and criminal law

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