2024 Grow & Connect – Langley

Title: 2024 Grow & Connect - Langley
Location: 22011 88 Ave, Langley Twp, BC V1M 3S8
Start date: 30 May, 2024
Cost:$59.00 for members or $89.00 for non-members

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Mark your calendar for Thursday, May 30th, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM at Redwoods Golf Course 

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, build valuable relationships, and expand your professional network among peers and industry leaders
  • Food & Beverage: Indulge in a delectable array of food and beverage offerings that will tantalize your tastebuds.

What to Expect:

Join us for a focused event featuring 8 “Snapshot Education Sessions” led by esteemed industry experts. Dive deep into today’s most pressing topics in the mortgage industry as our speakers share invaluable insights, practical tips, and expert advice.

  1. Life insurance: Dustan Woodhouse
  2. Penalties: Matt Imhoff
  3. Automation: David Ford
  4. Networking: Pauline Tonkin
  5. Funding Ratios: Tom Walsh
  6. FCT Tips: Jeff Brown
  7. Building & Maintaining a Database: Richard Earles
  8. Government Relations & Advocacy Brainstorm: Marci Deane

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this dynamic event that has been shaping the mortgage broker industry in British Columbia. The Langley Connect & Grow is your gateway to fostering professional growth and making lasting connections.

Life Insurance:

Dustan Woodhouse

Dustan Woodhouse was the face and the voice of 1,695 funded files before making a move to the corporate side and assisting with the growth of Mortgage Architects from 1,300 Brokers in 2018 to more than 2,000 Brokers nationwide in 2024.

Over the past ten years Dustan wrote the ‘Be The Better Broker’ book series, a weekly Broker-focused blog post (500+ and counting), as well as hosting 462 episodes of the ‘This Is Brokering’ podcast.

Dustan is currently focused exclusively on launching a fresh BTBB podcast & coaching program designed to deliver bite-sized actionable content to help you win daily!


Matt Imhoff

After entering the mortgage broker industry in 2015, Matt quickly became the go-to resource on all things Prepayment Penalties.

Through Prepayment Penalty Mentor, Matt provides direct Training and Support to over 200 Brokers! By understanding what is essentially a Mortgage Return Fee, Matt enpowers Brokers to better describe the products they are selling through the simplification of all the contributing factors. In turn this helps to ensure that the Best Mortgage Advice comes from a Mortgage Broker!


David Ford

The mortgage industry has been a great place for advice-based mortgage advisors like David Ford. While most banking institutions have moved away from strong communication, access, and advice, David has continued to improve. This has helped his clients find the best mortgage products for their needs. With 15 years of experience in the industry, over 4000 files built, and nearly $1 billion in mortgages funded, David has been able to provide the best advice for his clients as they evolve through their lives, moves, and mortgage terms. David has a special interest in efficiency and best practices, having had a team as large as 9, and is constantly looking to evolve his business.


Join our lively round table conversation to share ideas and establish 3 things you can put into practice right way!
Define your purpose and a plan for networking. How can making the right connections and contacts can transform your business.

Pauline Tonkin

Pauline has been a mortgage broker since 2008 and with Dominion Lending Centres since 2012.

With over 40 years experience in business, sales, and marketing in a variety of fields including international trade, operations, manufacturing, technology and finance she can relate to people regardless of their profession.

Pauline loves being a mortgage broker and educating people.  She feels the role of giving people the power to choose options for financing and informed decisions is important.  It is a rewarding experience to contribute to people’s lives and make a difference.

Pauline immigrated with her family from Great Britain to Vancouver when she was a child.  She has lived in the Greater Vancouver area since and a long-time resident of Port Moody with her husband and grown children.

Funding Ratios:

Tom Walsh

Tom joined First National in 2022 as an Account Manager and is now taking on the role of Manager Business Development. His experience includes roles in project management, credit analysis and business development. Tom is dedicated to his broker clients and will do whatever is required to exceed their expectations. He loves to share his vast industry knowledge with all types of clients, from first-time home buyers to sophisticated investors. Tom derives a great deal of motivation from helping brokers build their businesses and supporting their clients in securing their dream homes.

When he’s not adding value for brokers, Tom treasures time with family and spends time outdoors hiking, camping or perfecting his golf swing.

FCT Tips:

Jeff Brown

Jeff has been in the banking industry for over 33 years. Jeff has spent the majority of the last 15 years with FCT. Jeff has also worked with RBC, BMO, CWB and Coastal Community Credit Union in a variety of sales and leadership positions. Jeff has played a key role in providing education on the value of title insurance across Western Canada.

Jeff has spent time on boards of the United Way and Football Nanaimo working closely with community partners.

Jeff spends his down time with his family supporting local soccer and football leagues as well as playing in ball hockey leagues throughout the year. He is an avid Boston Bruins and Las Vegas Raiders fan, following them both for almost 40 years!

Building & Maintaining a Database:

Richard Earles

Richard Earles is a mortgage industry veteran with over 14 years experience in brokering and lending. He’s an owner of DLC Valley Financial Specialists, a full service brokerage firm with 21 brokers located in Langley, BC. Richard also owns and operates JME Deposits Loans, a niche lending company helping Canadians purchase real estate here in BC. With his extensive background in finance, he amassed a large database of clients ranging from regular residential all the way to large scale commercial. Over the years he’s developed a consistent method of keeping in touch with clients, and he’s excited to share his experience with his industry peers.

Government Relations & Advocacy Brainstorm:

Marci Deane

Marci Deane is a Mortgage Broker and Owner with Ask Marci About Mortgages – Mortgage Architects based in North Vancouver. She has worked in the financial industry for the past 30 years in banking, real estate and mortgage brokering. Marci is consistently a president club winner with Mortgage Architects and she received the top producer award for her team in 2021.

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