Limits on Mortgage Rates Webinar

Title: Limits on Mortgage Rates
Location: Delivered via Zoom Presentation
Start date: 19 November, 2021
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Limits on Mortgage Rates

DATE: November 19, 9:00-10:00AM
SPEAKER: Ray Basi, Director of Education & Policy, CMBA-BC, MBIBC

Yes, we live in a largely free enterprise society. No, a lender cannot charge whatever mortgage interest the market will bear. Various laws and circumstances limit the rate/amount, and broadly define what counts as interest. Get it wrong and the lender can lose the right to obtain any interest at all, and in some cases can lose the entire investment. Where are the lines? What are the factors? What are the possible consequences of overcharging? This webinar will help you in assessing these and related issues. Lender-brokers, better protect your investment. Brokers, better assist your lending and borrowing clients in making their decisions. Attend this webinar and be a better broker!

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