Investors/Lenders Disclosure (Form 9) Webinar

Title: Investors/Lenders Disclosure (Form 9) Webinar
Location: Delivered via Zoom Presentation
Start date: 07 December, 2021
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Investors/Lenders Disclosure (Form 9) Webinar

DATE: December 7, 9:00-10:00AM
SPEAKERS: Ray Basi, Director of Education & Policy, CMBA-BC, MBIBC; Sachin Varma, Director & Past President, CMBA-BC

Mortgage broker are required in some circumstances to provide investors or lenders with a statement disclosing information as to the mortgage. Why are these statements required? When are these statements required? Who is to provide the statement? How is the statement to be provided? What information must be included in the statement? To whom is the statement to be provided? What consequences can result if the statement is not provided? This webinar will assist you in assessing these issues. Attend this webinar and be a better broker!

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