EXPERT SPEAKER SERIES: Fiduciaries and Agency

Title: EXPERT SPEAKER SERIES: Fiduciaries & Agency
Location: Delivered via Zoom Presentation
Start date: 23 September, 2020
Cost:$19.00 for members or $39.00 for non-members

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Acting for Others and Having Others Act for You, Responsibly

DATE: September 23, 11:00AM

Brokers regularly assist others

    • How do you obtain authorization to conduct business on someone else’s (such as your client’s) behalf?
    • How do you avoid unintentionally exceeding the authority?
    • What are some risks you run if you exceed the authority?
    • How do you maximize the benefits and minimize the risks?

Brokers regularly have others assist them

    • How do you grant someone authority to conduct business on your behalf?
    • How do you avoid unintentionally granting them excessive authority?
    • When are you responsible for someone who exceeds their authority and how can you avoid this from occurring?
    • How can you maximize benefits of having someone act on your behalf and minimize risks?

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