Expert Speaker Series – 2nd Mortgage Strategies

Title: Expert Speaker Series- Second Mortgage Strategies
Location: Burnaby Mountain Golf Course, 7600 Halifax St, Burnaby, BC
Start date: 26 March, 2018
Cost:$29.00 for members or $49.00 for non-members

Our members often ask:

Am I able to broker a 2nd mortgage behind a 1st mortgage that prohibits further mortgages?  Do I take risks by doing so? What can I do to best protect myself? Is the 2nd mortgage valid?

Our upcoming Expert Speaker Series event will shed light on the above issues and their associated risks.

Lawyer Tim Lack and Mortgage Broker Rowan Smith will offer up some practical steps to minimize the risk to the broker, client, and lender.

As well, we will provide updates as to the law surrounding mortgages. Some of the changes can provide opportunities, others require the mortgage broker to take precautions and steps.

Learn to recognize opportunities and overcome issues. The result can be more transactions, without undue risk.

March 26, 2018, 9:30am-12:00pm

Burnaby Mountain Golf Course, 7600 Halifax St, Burnaby, BC

Registration is only $29 for members



With Tim Lack of Lunny Atmore LLP


Tim will make you a better broker. In his presentation, he will draw on his extensive work with lenders. He will update you concerning mortgage lending law, particularly as it impacts mortgage brokering. His presentation and discussion will include many topics mortgage brokers deal with frequently, such as whether an existing mortgage can prohibit further mortgages and recommended procedures to follow in the circumstances. He will better equip you to more fully serve more clients, without exposing yourself to undue risk.

Tim is a Vancouver lawyer and partner with Lunny Atmore LLP, Vancouver. He practices mainly in the areas of real estate and business law. In addition to his active real estate practice, he acts for many business people and companies who utilize his services for their commercial matters. Before completing his legal training, Tim worked as a sales representative for one of Canada’s premier resource companies. Since his call to the BC bar in 1994, he has been the responsible lawyer for over 8,000 real estate transactions, acting for banks, credit unions, and private lenders. His work with private lenders is extensive and he has acted as a lecturer to other lawyers on the subject. Tim has presented at various BC Continuing Legal Education programs over the years and has served as chair of the Residential Real Estate Conference since 2013.


With Rowan Smith – Mortgage Broker – DLC City Wide Mortgage Services

Rowan Smith
Rowan has been in banking for around 14 years now, and an independent broker for 7 years. He co-owns a large brokerage firm in Vancouver.

Rowan came into this business in the peak of the market in January of 2006 and learned how to do the hard deals that no one else wanted through sub prime and non-conforming lenders.

His specialties include self-employed mortgages, private financing, poor credit mortgages, best rate mortgages, variable rates, fixed rates, variable rate mortgages, fixed rate mortgages, no down payment mortgages, zero down mortgages, new immigrant mortgages, foreign resident mortgages, and non resident mortgages.