Webinar: title insurance, closings and covid 19

Guest speaker: Jeff Brown, FCT
Date: Friday, April 3
Time: 2:30pm pacific time
Cost: Free
Registration / webinar access link: click here or visit https://zoom.us/j/384512228

More details:

Join Jeff Brown from FCT to learn how their firm is managing the closing process during the covid19 pandemic. Key questions that will be addressed during the presentation will include:

  1. What are FCT’s business continuity plans during the COVID crisis
  2. How are the firm’s processes being impacted with the limitations around in-person meetings for lawyer and remote signing appointments?
  3. How is the firm supporting lender and broker appraisal requirements?
  4. What other risks do title insurers anticipate for to the overall real estate industry moving forward?
  5. What are some take away lessons and actions that brokers can deploy in their business to best serve their clients?