Webinar: how conveyancing and closings are being impacted by covid19

and what can mortgage brokers do to manage their files accordingly?

Date: Tuesday, April 7
Time: 11:00am
Cost: Free
Registration / webinar access link: click here or visit https://zoom.us/j/297153781

More details: Mortgage Brokers are invited to join experts in real estate law who will be discussing the challenges to conveyancing processing during a pandemic, how this impacts the timely completion of transactions, how this may impact your files as mortgage brokers, and steps you can take to ensure that your files get closed.

Speakers on the line will include:

  • Tim Lack, Bridgehouse Law
  • Ron Usher, BC Notaries

Key questions that will be addressed during this webinar include:

  • What has been the general impact of COVID 19 on closings?
  • What challenges have there been in getting information to close?
  •  Are there lender, legal or professional requirements regarding closing that lawyers and notaries cannot meet in the COVID 19 environment or have had to changes practices in order to meet?
  • What are your workarounds for the COVID 19 environment when the client does not speak English, is not technologically savvy, or has other challenges?
  • Are there other challenges COVID 19 presents to closings that we have not covered?
  • What can mortgage brokers do to make closings for lawyers and notaries easier in the present environment?

Questions for the presenters
Send your questions in advance by emailing communications@cmbabc.ca or during the call by using the zoom webinar chat message function.