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CMBA Edition, APR – Cost of Credit Disclosure from Mortgage Mentor

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This cyber-assistant “Clerise” will accurately prepare an easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to explain form that’s required to help be in compliance with current regulations.  This design uses two simple, easy to fill-in screens (no scrolling).  Numbers only need to be entered once; Clerise knows all the places your deal data needs to go.  This program has step by step regulatory messages right where you need, when you need them.

Known to meet or exceed all provincial requirements, Clerise’ math skills are excellent and she has been complimented by a key government regulator as being the only ‘assistant’ to have correctly figured out how to calculate the APR in compliance with the legislation.  Clerise helps make compliance very easy!

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Debt Consolidation helps consumers

Consumer credit is often a hot topic in the news and financial press especially after year-end holidays, and back-to-school time. Having an easy-to-use and effective credit improvement tool is important for every professional Mortgage Broker.  This Payment Optimizer tool will quickly show clients the big picture of their credit realities, plus help you quickly prepare money saving refinance options.

Pre-Payment Penalty Calculator

Another effective way to helping mortgage holders is by quickly answering the “How much will it cost if I pay out my mortgage today?” question. Accurately determining early payout penalties remains one of the mysteries of mortgage financing.  This proven IRD Calculator includes not only Canada’s most comprehensive penalty generators, but also direct links to the major lenders own online penalty calculators. IRD-CALC will show you the 8 common/logical penalty results plus can display what would happen if the market changed before the payout date.

Each available to CMBA-BC members for annual fee of $19.95 ea.