Title: Expert Series: Open Banking
Location: Delivered in an Interactive Zoom Environment
Start date: 05 October, 2022
Cost:$0.00 for members or $45.00 for non-members

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Mortgage brokering is about to change because open banking is on the way to being implemented throughout Canada. The federal government’s Financial Services Innovation Team is presently structuring and implementing the first phase. Learn from Team members Director Kirsten Fraser, Senior Advisor Andréanne Nadeau, and Analyst Gitanjali Goolsarran as to:

  • the current state of open banking
  • why changes are needed
  • the future of open banking and the changes contemplated
  • how and when the contemplated changes are to be put into place
  • how these changes will impact mortgage brokering throughout Canada

Join us to be better equipped to adjust your business as and when needed. Join us to learn from the experts.


Kirsten Fraser

Kïrsten serves as director of the Financial Services Innovation Team, and has worked at the Department of Finance Canada since 2018 on open banking, financial services innovation and financial crime policy. Prior to joining Finance, she worked on competition policy and advocacy at the Competition Bureau and in the private sector as a consultant.

Andréanne Nadeau

Gitanjali Goolsarran

Andréanne is a senior advisor in the Financial Services Innovation Team. Prior to joining the Department of Finance Canada in 2021, she worked at the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

Gita is an analyst in the Financial Services Innovation Team. Prior to joining the Department of Finance Canada in May 2022, she spent time in the I/NGO and non-profit space with a focus on inclusive digital transformation and financial integrity. Gita is an alumna of the University of Toronto.

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