Designated Individual Course

Title: Designated Individual Course
Location: Delivered via Zoom Webinar
Start date: 09 June, 2020
Cost:$275.00 for members or $475.00 for non-members

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About this course:

The Designated Individual Course is aimed at submortgage brokers who aspire to become managers in the future. It is equally well suited for professionals who have recently taken on management responsibilities at their brokerage and would like to enhance their knowledge.

This course will help prepare students for success by reviewing the responsibilities of the brokerage’s Designated Individual and by providing practical insights that all managing brokers should know.

Note: The course material is divided into two afternoon sessions, delivered via an interactive online learning platform. Participants must attend both sessions in order to receive their Designated Individual Course completion certificate.

June 9 from 1pm-5pm
June 11
from 1pm-5pm

Enrollment Fees: $275 + GST for members; $475 + GST for non-members

More info: additional course details are described below. You can also contact our office for assistance by phone at 604-408-9989 or email at

What other students have said about this course:

Marion Logan, Invis

This was an eye opening course that advised you of all your responsibilities as a brokerage owner. The course material is also a great resource to refer back to when needed.

Mark Lang, Bastian Capital Partners

Very informative. This course provided me with a lot of clarity on issues that I’ve been trying to find a definitive answer for.

Dorothy Bried, Invis

After taking this course, I feel a lot more confident in my ability to move forward in preparing contracts and managing brokers.

Topics covered in this course include:

Role Definitions
Mortgage Broker
Submortgage Broker
Unlicensed Assistant

Hiring Responsibilities
Reference Checks
Criminal Record Checks
Credit Checks

Contractual Obligations
Employment Contracts
Branch and Home Offices
Individuals and Corporations
Potential Liabilities

Management Responsibilities
Your Responsibility
Credit Reports
File Management
Fraud Awareness
Trust Accounts
Management Tips

Disclosure Requirements
BPCPA Cost of Credit Disclosure Form
Criminal rate
Form 9
Form 10

Meet your instructors

Rob Regan-Pollock, Vice President of CMBA-BC

  • Has been a mortgage broker for 25 years
  • Was a DI for 20 years
  • Operated his own brokerage for 20 years and became a partner with Invis & Mortgage Intelligence
  • Part of M3 Group since 2018
  • MBABC Chair of Professional Development 2006-2011
  • MBIBC President 2010-2017
  • CMBA-BC Director 2017 -Present (Chair of Education and Policy Advisor)
  • Has taught, in one capacity or another, the post licensing course (now called the CMB Course) offered by CMBA-BC since the late 90’s
  • Has taught the DI course since 2008

Sachin Varma, Director, CMBA-BC

  • Has been working in the financial services sector for over 20 years
  • Mortgage Broker with Highpoint Capital Solutions since 2016
  • Former Account Manager with Genworth Canada
  • Former banker with Vancity

Marci Deane, Director, CMBA-BC

  • Has been working in the financial services sector for over 20 years
  • Mortgage Broker with Ask Marci About Mortgages since 2007
  • Elected to the CMBA-BC Board in 2019

Samantha Gale, CEO of CMBA-BC

  • Former lawyer and mortgage industry regulator
  • CEO of  CMBA-BC since 2012
  • Expert in the Mortgage Brokers Act and regulator policies applicable to the mortgage broker sector

Ray Basi, Director of Education & Policy at CMBA-BC

  • Former lawyer with over 15 years of experience
  • Joined CMBA-BC in 2014
  • Has been responsible for the creation of many ongoing broker educational courses presented by our Association as well as several MBIBC licensing courses