Canadian Mortgage Brokers Practical Course

Title: Canadian Mortgage Brokers Practical Course
Location: Delivered via Zoom Webinar
Start date: 23 June, 2020
Cost:$595.00 for members or $595.00 for non-members

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About this course: 

This comprehensive course is designed to prepare new brokers for success in the early stages of their career. The course material covers a wide range of important topics, including marketing, underwriting files, submitting mortgage applications to lenders, and the ongoing responsibilities of submortgage brokers.

Obtaining your course completion certificate can be a valuable differentiator when seeking employment with leading brokerages and can add to your credibility with consumers.

Format: online webinars (7)
Dates: Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm-5pm  on June 23, 25, 30, July 2, 7, 9, 14
Enrollment fees: * $595
Bonus: Enroll now to receive additional perks valued at $200

The course curriculum includes:

  • The mortgage application process
  • Understanding credit reports
  • Understanding application documents
  • Workshops: Filogix Expert and Newton Velocity software and management tools
  • Mortgage Underwriting essentials
  • Marketing & networking fundamentals
  • Presentations from industry experts

For more details, or to register, call the CMBA-BC office at 604-408-9989

Reviews from students who recently took this course:

“The facilitators were amazing sources of knowledge. They covered so munch information and provided real world examples.”

– Krista Krohn
DLC BlueTree Mortgages West

“A friend of mine recommended this course. What great advice! I learned so much about mortgages beyond what is in the textbook.”
– Ivy Hu
Prime Capital Mortgage

Meet your course instructors

Camilo Rodriguez, President of CMBA-BC

  • Mortgage Broker and owner of Mortgages Lab since 2010
  • Joined the CMBA-BC Board of Directors in 2015
  • Began his mortgage career in 2003 with TD
  • Holds a degree in Electrical Engineering

Rob Regan-Pollock, Vice President of CMBA-BC

  • Over 25 years of mortgage industry experience
  • Operated his own brokerage for 20 years and became a partner with Invis & Mortgage Intelligence
  • Part of M3 Group since 2018
  • MBABC Chair of Professional Development 2006-2011
  • MBIBC President 2010-2017
  • CMBA-BC Director 2017 -Present (Chair of Education and Policy Advisor)
  • Has taught, in one capacity or another, the post licensing course (now called the CMB Course) since the late 90’s

Lee-Ann McEllister, CMBA-BC Director

  • More than a decade of financial industry experience; specializing in lending, client relationship management, audit and compliance, and leadership.
  • Business Development Manager at MCAP since 2018
  • Previous sales and service roles with TD, Manulife and Street Capital Bank

Jason Suttie, Mortgage Broker with DLC Suttie Mortgage

  • Over 15 years of experience in the mortgage business
  • Former CMBA-BC Director and Vice-President
  • Recipient of the 2019 MB Award for Outstanding Contribution

Reza Sabour, CMBA-BC Director

  • Mortgage Broker with Centum Financial Group
  • Almost 20 years of finance industry experience
  • His resume includes roles Vancity, HSBC, BMO and DLC City Wide Mortgage Services

Bill Macklem, Mortgage Broker with DLC Macklem Mortgages

  • More than 30 years of experience as a Mortgage Broker
  • Member of the MB Funding Roll of Honour in the $1 Billion Tier
  • Joined the DLC brand and founded Macklem Mortgages in 2007
  • Taught money management at the University of Alberta for six years
  • Host of Mortgage Talk with Bill Macklem on AM650

Ryan Spence, Key Account Manager, Filogix

  • President of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association since 2019
  • Over 20 years of experience in the fintech industry
  • Key Account Manager at Filogix since 2010
  • Recipient of the 2019 MB Award for Outstanding Contribution

Sarah Schneider, Manager of Training and Communications, Newton Velocity

  • Responsible for delivering Newton Velocity training since 2018

Adam Lawrenson, AACI | Owner | Adlaw Appraisals Ltd.

  • Extensive experience in the valuation of commercial and residential real estate throughout British Columbia
  • Owner of Adlaw Appraisals since 2013
  • Member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada – BC, since 2007

Samantha Gale, CEO of CMBA-BC

  • Former lawyer and mortgage industry regulator
  • CEO of  CMBA-BC since 2012
  • Expert in the Mortgage Brokers Act and regulator policies applicable to the mortgage broker sector

Ray Basi, Director of Education & Policy at CMBA-BC

  • Former lawyer with over 15 years of experience
  • Joined CMBA-BC in 2014
  • Has been responsible for the creation of many ongoing broker educational courses presented by our Association as well as several MBIBC licensing courses