Job Title: Guaranti Mortgages - Designated Individual
Start Posting: 2020-12-08
End Posting: 2021-03-31
Job Description of Designated Individual
Guaranti Mortgages Corporation has a great opportunity for you. We are looking for a Designated Broker
to be a part of our amazing team! The right person for this opportunity will be great at fast-paced work
and prioritizing in an efficient manner with an impeccable eye for detail and communication. Hard work
is rewarded financially and in other ways. Experience is important, but most importantly, you will need to
exhibit passion, pride, and ownership in what you do!
Job Description:
• Consult and lead the mortgage team.
• Legal compliance
• Professional training for brokers
• Handling relationships with lenders
• Ensuring that all employees who engage in registerable activity are properly registered and
supervised under the MBA.
• Ensuring that the employees are aware of the MBA, the MBA Regulations, and the policies of the
• Ensuring that all books and records of the mortgage broker are accurate and up to date.
• Ensuring that yearend financial filling reports are submitted to the Registrar, as required.
• Managing registration application and information of the mortgage broker through MB EFilling.
• Identify opportunities to expand the business.
• Strong sense of empathy to build lasting relationships.
• Conduct meetings, as necessary.
• Strong sense of communication and organization.
• Work full time in the office.
• Other duties assigned, TBD.
Job Requirements:
• Active Broker License.
• Been recently registered un the MBA for a minimum of two years without having any record of
regulatory compliance issues with the MBA or any other legislation in British Columbia or
• At least 5 years of Designated Broker work experience.
• Amazing attitude – cheerful and confident.
• Advanced understanding of compliance and regulations.
• Strong sense of empathy for building relationships.
• Advanced oral and written communication skills.
• Willing to be in the office full time.
• Multi-task multiple different projects for the business.
• Work in a busy office and maintain a professional atmosphere.
• Confident using multiple platforms of technology.
• Become Certified in any software the company utilizes to service clients.
• Have a STRONG basis in working with MLS, Microsoft 365.
• Pass Background & Credit Check.
Compensation: $60,000 -$100,000/year
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Your Career as a Mortgage Broker

To become registered as a mortgage broker, interested individuals must meet prescribed educational requirements. The Sauder School of Business Real Estate Division at the University of British Columbia provides a course offered through distance learning. For more information, please call 604-822-8444 or visit for the Mortgage Brokerage Licensing Program details.

The CMBA-BC also offers a practical course – the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Course – which provides participants with information currently not part of the UBC mortgage brokers’ course curriculum. This course is not mandatory. It is designed for new or soon-to-be mortgage brokers and will also be very helpful for people in related industries. It provides a clear picture of the processes involved in seeking and obtaining approval of mortgage financing. Please visit our Events Centre for more information on the CMBA-BC course.

Applicants must either complete or challenge the UBC course and then must register with the Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM). FICOM is the government body that regulates mortgage brokers and can be reached at 604-660-3555.

Important actions for new Mortgage Brokers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you must register and obtain a license from FICOM prior to working as a mortgage broker. It is an offence to carry on the business of a mortgage broker in British Columbia without proper registration and licensing. Please refer to paragraphs above for details on educational requirements.

Mortgage Brokers are compensated on a commission basis so incomes vary widely from one individual to another. A successful mortgage broker will earn an income similar to other successful sales professionals.

While there is no regulation prohibiting this, most companies do not hire part time brokers. It is a challenging career that requires a high level of effort, knowledge and attention to detail. Most employers find that part time brokers are not able to devote the time and energy required to properly serve their clients’ needs in a professional manner.

Many different personalities can be successful but there some common skills and traits that most brokers have. Mortgage Brokers must be fluent in reading, writing and conversing in English. They require knowledge of mathematics to at least the high school level. Integrity is crucial when dealing with clients, financial institutions and other professionals in the real estate industry. Strong interpersonal and stress management skills help brokers deal with clients who are looking for calm guidance and timely answers about an important financial transaction.

A mortgage broker is generally a sales position and requires prospecting for clients. Most new mortgage brokers spend a great deal of time early in their career building a referral network of realtors, accountants, lawyers and other professionals who trust and refer clients to the broker. Over time successful brokers also build a large base of satisfied clients who refer friends and associates to the mortgage broker based on their own positive experience. Some mortgage brokers find advertising successful and some employers provide leads to new brokers.

The provincial regulator requires course completion through the Sauder School of Business. This course can be taken over the period of one year, with written exams at completion. Once you have passed your exams, you will need to find an employer, preferably with an CMBA-BC corporate member. (All graduates are required to work for an existing designated company for a minimum of two (2) years before independent office opportunities.) Once employed, you must submit your registration to FICOM for your license. Then it is time to Become A Member of CMBA-BC and start attending our educational and networking events. Let us help you launch your career!