CMBA-BC Bylaw Feedback

CMBA-BC Members are invited provide feedback and comments on the proposed bylaws.

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  • jypigeon

    Good afternoon MBABC, Regarding the changes to the by-laws, can I get the list of the proposed changes compare to current By-Laws?

    Please provide BEFORE WEDNESDAY to have time to propose/prepare new option(s)!

    (Similar to attending a strata meeting we get to review the current versus the new version, much easier, much more efficient!

    Jean Yves

  • admin

    The proposed bylaw amendments are a complete replacement for the current bylaws as they have been rewritten to work with the new provisions of the BC Societies Act. It would therefore be impractical, inordinately time consuming and costly to do a side by side comparison.

    This view is supported by the fact that generally bylaw amendments are submitted to the Registry as standalone documents with focussed changes. In such cases, a redlined document with noted changes for the membership would make sense. The new Act authorizes wholesale changed documents to be submitted as transition documents without indications of such changes. That reflects the scale of amendments the Registry expects under the new Act.

    We have identified the substantial changes for discussion – which you can find on a link to this page – we will also review these changes at the town hall meeting. We are at this time seeking feedback on the proposed changes and have not finalized the package of bylaw amendments to be voted on by the membership.

  • admin

    Town Hall feedback from member, D.P.

    • Three year board terms add stability to the board, but it can be harder to get buy-in from candidates.

    • The election scrutineer should be someone other than the CEO of the organization.

    • In terms of elections, we do not communicate nominations and acclamations early enough in the process. More transparency about the process would be beneficial.

    • It would be helpful to plan AGMs to coincide with other events, like our annual conference for example.

  • admin

    Town Hall feedback from member, J.P.

    • For proxies, we should include specific voting directions from the member to their proxy on the form itself.

    • Proxies should not be limited in number.

    • Board meeting minutes should be available to all Members via the Association’s website.

    • Unless there is a privacy issue, members should be able to see, via the minutes, the votes of individual Board members on each motion. This would be helpful in the membership’s assessment of Directors during election periods.

    • When it comes to giving notice of meetings, 30 days would be better than 14.

  • admin

    from a member on the proxy limit:

    I am in favour of the proposed changes.

    There may be significant discussion at the Town Hall with respect to limiting proxies, however I totally understand the need for setting the limit. I support it.

    In my opinion if there is a vote at an AGM that is potentially contentious, then those who fee they need to make their view know will have to attend the meeting if unable to find an individual who is attending to take their proxy.

    Limiting the number will also eliminate the proxies from individuals who may feel coerced into providing one, and not have all the information.

  • jypigeon

    First suggestion to add to the By-Laws of our society
    Membership vote will always be more powerful than Director’s Board and the chair person. This way if a rogue Chairperson or the Board vote for drastic change to the Society the membership can vote to stop it! Similar to our provincial society went national all done without approval by the membership at large.
    Done without a vote from the membership and not discuss in advance.

  • jypigeon

    Second suggestion to add to the By Laws
    Only a Mortgage Broker with no other conflicting work or affiliation can run for the Board of Directors and /or as a chair person, even if a member is in good standing.
    Certainly a realtor cannot be on the Board of Directors, like it is now! Huge conflict of interest here. How come this happened??

  • jypigeon

    Third By Law to add to our Society
    If the board doesn’t have the number of Director, a second lender can be appointed, maybe even a third one. Maybe we can set up a minimum of mortgage brokers and depending on that amount then we have a set number of lenders maximum that can also seat on the board.
    Similar to current situation we should not have to choose between two excellent candidates when we are having problem to fill the position by mortgage brokers.

  • jypigeon

    Fourth Suggestion:
    I just reviewed the current By Laws versus the New proposed By Laws, guess what there are sections, we need something that compare each section between the new and the old as requested before.
    We need explanation for each section of the changes and then we can vote!

    Furthermore, in the new By Laws there is now a section called Constitution , I’m not sure I’m comfortable to blindly vote on this section without clear explanations.
    I’m not enthusiastic about the new constitution mentioned a federal mandate??? Need way more clarifications

    “Unite mortgage brokers” the society needs to reach to us more often with voting power and again if the membership with a strong vote should be more powerful than the Board of Directors.

    “Provide education opportunity” There is a basic that our membership should bring without extra cost: sample Form 10, compliance guidelines with example.
    How to report fraud , what to do when we know of fraud by another mortgage broker, member of the society?
    How to make our society a tool to make us more professional.

    Before we have to vote: Sections in old and new, I’m sure someone can prepare a documents compare each sections :
    “Application for membership” versus “Becoming a member”
    “Membership categories” versus new is “Membership categories” ?? What changed in here?
    “Entrance Fees and Dues” versus ” Membership Deemed agreement” and “Membership fees” and “Good standing”
    “Meetings of members” versus new “Meetings members” ??
    “Proceedings at General Meetings” versus ” Notice of meetings” and Chair” and Quorum and adjournments” and business to be conducted” and “voting” I’m sure someone can prepare something that will explain what has changed?
    “Directors and Officers” versus new “Composition of Board” and “Nominations and Elections”
    “Duties of Officers” versus Duties of Directors” ????
    New “Senior Managers” what has been added here?
    New “Past Presidents Council” this seems to be all new so explanations required before voting

    Do you want me to continue?………….

    If you really want us to know before voting and be informed you can and should!

  • jypigeon

    I attended the TownHall, what a disaster! Beside members of the board only four or five people?? Maybe six if we count the UBC rep.

    We should question this, venue not right maybe? not the right location? timing? Friday? Not sure, but why so few showed up?

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